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Web Design

What is Web Design?

Web Design is basically giving your thoughts, Imagination, Business, Potential, Ideas, Views and all you can think of an online presence. The process is woven with definite steps with additional technologies featured to it. The process like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, flash etc. are integrated to produce results like layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and other interactive features on a web page in a determined structure.

On the basis of appearance, function, and features websites can be of many types. Like Informational sites, Transactional sites, Community sites, Entertainment sites, Commercial, Government, Educational, Charitable, Personal etc.


As the Web has evolved into a platform of applications for getting stuff done, programming has never been more important. JavaScript is the language that makes elements on web pages do things. It adds behaviors and functionality to elements in the page and even to the browser window itself. There are other web-related programming languages as well, including PHP, Ruby, Python, and ASP.NET, that run on the server and process data and information before it is sent to the user’s browser.


When the content isn’t written right, the site can’t be fully effective. A Content Strategist makes sure that every bit of text on a site, from long explanatory text down to the labels on buttons, supports the brand identity and marketing goals of the company. Content strategy may also extend to data modeling and content management on a large and ongoing scale, such as planning for content reuse and update schedules. An Information Architect (also called an Information Designer) organizes the content logically and for ease of find ability.

Mobile Compatibility

The following list is an overview of the most commonly used mobile web browsers as of this writing (although who knows what mobile browsers will be important by the time you read this):

  • • Mobile Safari (iOS)
  • • Android Browser (Android
  • • BlackBerry Browser (RIM)
  • • Nokia Series 40 and Nokia Browser for Symbian
  • • Opera Mobile and Mini (installed on any device)
  • • Internet Explorer Mobile (Windows Phone)
  • • Silk (Kindle Fire)
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