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Videos of 37 real life heroes saving lifes

A hero is somebody who is selfless, generous, who help as much as possible. A hero shows courage when faced with a problem and willing to help other in his or her best capacity. Internet is filled with the videos of inspiring real life heroism. We bring you Videos of 37 real life heroes saving lifes of others or other living beings.


  1. An elderly couple was spotted drowning in a river in Haining city in China’s Zhejiang Province at around 8am on October 25th. A person jumped into the river to take them out and gave artificial respiration as the elderly person was in critical condition. Than his breathing was restored after the emergency measures and he was sent to hospital.



  1. Fire explosion was not under control. An elderly man was trapped inside. A mystery man rushed into the house and brought the elderly man out by carrying him in his back.



  1. In the western express highway, Mumbai the traffic was inescapable.  A Biker cleared  way for ambulance to save a life.


  1. Even animals are capable of defending their children and possessing human emotion. A monkey by risking her life and  saved her offspring from being eaten by a dog.

  1. A man risking his own life to save 4 people trapped in a flood.


  1. In the middle of the busy highway an injured dog was stuck. His friend ( dog) came for his rescue , dragging him to safe place.


  1. A man risked his life to save deer. It took place on the lake where water was frozen in the surface.


  1. A man risked his life to save a wild rabbit as it got dangerously close to flames from the Thomas Fire along Highway 1 in La Conchita.


  1. Dogs are risking their own life to save elephant and rhinos. They are working hard to take down the poachers who kill them.


  1. Unsung heroes risk their life to save drowning people when the Goa bridge collapsed .


  1. Real life heroes saving and helping poor, old, helpless people on the street and many more. Heroes doing powerful acts of kindness.
  2. Hong Kong firefighter Kwok Kin Wai chose to lend a helping hand , when he saw a little kitty lying on the highway as cars sped by over it. Kwok later sent the kitten to an animal shelter .


  1. Cakcibor- Helping driver with no leg in the highway , Helping destressed lady on the road. And many more acts of kindness.


  1. Dog risks life to save 7 year old Molly DeLuca and her grandma from diamondback rattlesnake . And also got bitten three times from the snake.


  1. In Ukraine a kid was crossing the road when suddenly a car came and his father pushed his son and the car hit him. And again a heroic dad risk his life to save his son.


  1. Diving instructor Inaki Aizpun saw a grey shark with a piece of net stuck in its jaws. Despite the risk he decided to help the shark from removing the net.


  1. People saving a girl child falling from terrace. And also rescuing from car which was uncontrol . And many more before fatal could take place.


  1. 7 people who risk their own life to save other
  2. Syrian hero boy rescue girl in shootout.
  3. Hero saved drowning man in Portugal.
  4. Man rescues his dog from burning fire.
  5. Student saves kids from bus crash.
  6. A police man saved a person who almost run over by train.
  7. Man saved drowning women and her dog.
  8. Homeless man saw the incident of unfolding and tried intervene.


26. Dog drowning in ice cold water was saved from his owner in Russia . Owner risked his own life to save his pet.

27. Strangers people from human chain rescue a stranded dog from

28. Real life heroes rescued many dogs from drowning in river and ice water.


29. A Malian immigrant , Momoudou Gassama saved a child who was hanging from a ledge, saying the city will support his effort to settle in France. He quickly climbed to reach the boy and dragged the boy to the safe place. He is considered as real life spiderman. He also went viral on internet for the same reason.

30. Officers stopped to help a driver and learned woman’s two month old child who was choking and not breathing. One of the officer was telling a squad to step it up as it appeared the infant was choking.

31. CARING PEOPLE SAVING LIVES. Determination and faith pulling together to save a life and ended up saving a family.

Brave heroes

When a lifeless infant is pulled out of a water filled car – a group of strangers are forced to work against the clock.Please pass this on to honor these brave heroes ❤️

Posted by Sharing is Caring on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

32. Dog trying to save life of a fish by sprinkling water on it  by his mouth. As the fish was outside the water.

#SaveLife: We wish all humans would be like this amazing dog

#SaveLife: We wish all humans would be like this amazing dog

Posted by India TV on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

33. Sir Nicholas Winton , at the out break of World War 2 , organized a rescue operation that saved the life of 669 children.

34. Family taking shelter in the car caught trapped in the flood. Finally after a lot of courage and heroic efforts of the villagers they were taken out and their lives were saved.

35. A women was trapped in the terrible flood in her car in Ellicott City, Maryland. Three real life heroes came together for the rescue of the women and saved her life.

36. Phillip and Emily Ocheltree along with their children got trapped in the car and also the flood water rushed into their vehicle. Than some people rushed towards the vehicle for their rescue and saved them.

37. A woman put her own life to save a child from almost certain death. That women was Shanta Jordan who threw herself in front of a speeding car to stop the little boy. The car was out of control and moving toward the pedestrians at high speed. Children were all injured in the incident an rushed to the hospital. All were saved.

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