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Unlock Facebook Account Bypass Photo Security Check

Facebook is on the floor towards making good business. Hence it’s obvious that any type of suspicious detections will be trashed and accounts will be locked. Someone making good money at your place without paying the rent will definitely matter you. So is the matter with Facebook; a usual human tendency “jealousy”.

A Facebook account recently made without phone number verification is like creating accounts to fill the Facebook trash servers. All new accounts after 2010 must be verified with a phone number. Facebook is really fun to hangout and amusement to make money. How do someone don’t have multiple accounts out here. It is found that almost everyone third fellow on Facebook have multiple accounts.

How do Facebook Survey shows sixty percent of accounts to be possessed by females? Obviously the twenty percent out of the forty percent males are using dual accounts. Most of them are made for inviting and bringing more likes to your business page. Though the likes gained fifty worth to the business but definitely the number of fans your page climbs up make a big difference to potential business visitor of your page.


Keeping focus to the special events of Facebook we tend to serve the crack useful process to unlock your Facebook account; especially during a friend’s photo identify verification process. You simply don’t need to remember all your 5000 friends in the list when you have come to the platform to gross random friends. We have so many process to unlock your locked accounts.


  • a. Make any selection of name and take screenshots of the photos given during unlock process. Facebook Mostly gives photos of friends mostly interacted to verify.
  • b. You are mostly probable to get the same pictures to verify on the second day as well. Take the screenshots again.
  • c. Tally between the screen shots and mark out the common names in both as it is the right answer for the security quiz. Now you have answers for the same pictures coming again.
  • This is quite proven and easy method to follow in which your Facebook account is unlocked in hardly 3-5 days with some smart workout. This is how simple you fool the photo verification security check and recover your locked account. If you are impatient like me and can’t wait for a week or go with this smart process working spectacle then we have one smarter way.

    PROCESS 2:

  • a. Whenever you have crossed 2000 friends and adding immense numbers to your friend list every day then you are subscribing to the block treat from Facebook. Scroll Down all your friends list and save it as an HTML file almost every time after adding more than 100 friends.
  • b. While you are locked, you can open the HTML file and search the suggested names to the pictures and tall then well. Definitely you will mark the one which shows resembling face in the security process.
  • Now there is a third type of block to the people using unethical means to add friends very fast to fresh new account. Here too the account get block but do not show suggested names from Facebook during security check. Here you need to literally remember the faces, identify them and write the names yourself. This process is so because you haven’t added much friends so that you can get confused from Facebook but your process was malicious and too fast as well or you were reported to be using some celebs identical information’s.

    PROCESS 3:

  • a. Add same friends in two accounts so that you built up good numbers of mutual friends.
  • b. When blocked from one account, check from the other one and identify the pictures. This is quite genuine and simple process.

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