real life tarzan

Real life living Tarzan video clips – Jungle Man

Real life living tarzan video clips – Jungle Man

Tarzan is imagined as barbaric lifestyle man who have super human qualities more like a jungle animal. Here some of the real life characters with similar activities.


  1. South American Tarzan who can climb tropical tree at incredible speed.
  2. Swift Sasa performs mind boggling body activities in swimming, jumping, free style and physics shows no effects to him.
  3. The classical ape man have perfection in appearance of a tarzan replica and amazing friendship wild animals.
  4. This Vietnamese jungle man really lives a jungle boy character with lifestyle of tarzan. His father left him in jungle during war and he lived there for 40 years.
  5. Johnny was auditioned being a Olympics swimmer for the movie. His performance is par excellence to perfection of a jungle in swimming.
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