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Instant 5000 Facebook Likes

The topic talked about is well known and frequently spoken in day to day life. Facebook is not only the most discussed keyword in the field of internet; rather it has also replaced our major gossips in the real world.

Business page activity waters everyone’s mouth. Making money from the most potential platform is everyone’s zeal. Facebook business is highly influenced by the numbers of likes you have. That really replicate a long term impression. Obviously the first impression is the last one. A page with about a million likes is welcome by all; even by the strangers who are not aware of the brand or service related to the page.

Rather trembling with a new business page is the toughest job as people don’t want to put their timeline down in the eyes of their followers by liking a non-popular and absolute new page with few non-existing likes. After all social media account and above all Facebook timelines defines the prestige of a person in the 21st century.

Webilluzon is here with something really unbelievable for the beginners. We have a trick to draw straight 5000 likes to your brand new Facebook business page. As always it’s a simple 3 steps activity to shine your new business platform on the biggest market place. An initial establishment really judges your future success. Be spectacle to the flawless and biggest crack in IT industry ever.

Suppose you have a Facebook business page “Web illuzon”. To drag straight or above 5000 Facebook to your new Facebook business page; you need to do the following 3 steps:

  • 1. Create a potential Facebook ID that would really be worth getting added by people simultaneously and cross 5000 friends limit. Suppose it is “Rajender Pal”.
    Facebook allows people with more than 5000 friends to migrate into a fan page which is the key to our success and huge gross of 5000 likes. All your friends and followers will turn into the people who likes your page.
  • 2. Migrate your Facebook ID into a page by using this link :
    Make sure you have changed the profile name to your business page name. Like change “Rajender Pal” to “Web illuzon” before migrating.
  • 3. After migrating of profile into a business page you have a page with same name as your business page with 5000+ likes. After doing this merge the two pages by using this link: . All your likes and activities will be merged now.
    You can keep repeating this activity and add up 5000 likes in a take again and again. Definitely it’s a better and much improved process then inviting all your friends to like your page.
  • “Why do we need to ask people to like our page when we can make them to like it...!”

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