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3 steps to remove fake Facebook account who is using your photos

Now is internet is a different planet where security is really tough to be imposed. It is rather more like a moral conscience need to be developed to have a safe internet world. Cyber laws and security measures all have cracks. It’s very obvious that the one who makes the locks can definitely make the keys. Same is the issue with cyber security. It can only be possible when Artificial Intelligence takes over the world and develop security measures. The key will belong to the Artificial Intelligence which is again bigger threat. It is same as the decision of our life which is in the hands of god.

Removing a fake Facebook account who is using your credentials (name/details/photos/videos) is done in simple three steps:

  • 1. Report the fake account in all possible categories mentioned in the report section. Low security made fake accounts will get removed only with this.
  • 2. Inbox the fake account something like this “Delete this fake account or you will go to jail. Read about SECTION 66D of the Information Technology Act, 2000 deals with CHEATING BY PERSONATION USING COMPUTER OR COMPUTER DEVICE, which brings within its ambit fake social media profiles. I am a cyber-security researcher. A complain have been lodged against you for this at Sec 66A of IT Act to . Soon you will be go to jail now. Better you delete this account to go to jail”. This could be enough if the profile creator is very coward.
  • 3. Simply try to login the fake account by using its username and click forget password. There you will see the last 2 digits of the phone number or email ID. You can match with your contact list to find if someone from your circle is doing this nuisance(however this could be wrong as first 8 digits of the number is tough to know). Put wrong answers to the security measures and login. After 3-4 attempts the account will require ID verification to recover the account. The person can login only if your govt. authorized ID card/photocopy is with that person.
  • If all of these don’t help you then kindly ping me whatsapp 9776844278 or call me for help. You can also email me at . I will clean sweep that fake account from Facebook.

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