Darkest Evil Secrets of Apple iphone- Steve Jobs

Here are the most soul wrecking Darkest Secrets about Apple iphone and Steve jobs life. Though been the company with largest wealth in cash in the world but it always takes a lot to be the number one in the world.

  1. Icloud is easy to hack and access secret your details. The upgrade version to prohibit this slows down the phones.
  2. Though the costliest smart phone Apple exploits the cheapest labours especially from China to get their works done, sometimes at daily wages of $5.
  3. Pegatron, Foxlink and Wintex also have a history of treating employee badly who is one of the apple supplier. Some of them also violates the code of conduct of human rights.
  4. Student Interns working at the suppliers companies are forced to work upto 14 hours to fulfil the supply on rising demands with only 1-2 days off in 2 or 3 months.
  5. “catcher” one of the supplier of apple cover violates the environment codes by leaving aluminium and magnesium on floor and dust particles to the air. The ventilation and employee uniforms are hazardous too. It also dumped industrial waste to nearby river and groundwater.
  6. Iphone technology never complicates to the existing availability as per it prices. It extremely overcharges its customers.
  7. Almost every year Apple launches a new product without any new feature to the market and forces the crazy fans to buy it.
  8. Apple spends huge amount in advertising to convince the customers believe that upgrading the new version is must to do.
  9. Apple uses mineral from Congo that is used in the products. The mineral extraction is run by illegal people mastered by terrorists and warlords.
  10. Apple allows govt. to spy on you.
  11. Apple supplier “Foxconn” 18 employees attempted suicide in 2010 out of which 14 died. Employees described conditions of forced labour, crowded dorms, strict quotas, public humiliation and constant surveillance to be the reason behind the suicides.
  12. 13 employees are diagnosed with rare blood cancers that is assumed to have happened due to the chemical uses in the factory for iphone productions.
  13. Steve jobs is considered the very ruthless in professional and personal life. He riffed off the co-founders and friend from the company.
  14. Steve jobs had a daughter from ex-girlfriend to which he denied to acknowledge after her birth even after DNA test confirmation.
  15. On return to Apple at 1997 Steve jobs cuts off all charitable activities to enhance the profit margins. He neither have any record of public charity till his death.
  16. Apple uses web of offshore entities to avoid paying to US income tax department.
  17. In 2013 it was found to have not paid $44 billion tax in last 4 years.
  18. 60% of apple profits are held by its Ireland subsidiaries entity to save from paying taxes.

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