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We bring you a technique to re-invite already invited friends to like Facebook page as this is the problem with most of people trying to get good social media exposure. Not able to reach your page at least to the people around your circle is definitely the most annoying failure ever.

We all are familiar to this fact that Facebook allows you to invite your friends only once to like your page. Invite box on the page left bar gives invite option to the same people whom you have already invited to like your page over and over again. Sending multiple requests to just a handful of people out of which some have already liked your page may force them to unfriend/Block/Report Spam against you. Losing a bunch of good relation or getting your account locked for the sake of handful of likes sounds really funny..!! Isn’t it?

The very common scenario you must have definitely faced is that most of your friends did not receive any invitation when you have already invited them. Even the invite list show them invited on your page but the person don’t receive it. You may go and talk to your friends on personal chat but that would turn hectic if you go on asking and explaining millions of people as now-a-day handful of hundred likes doesn’t really counts.

Here is a single solution for all those irritating things you must have faced till date. Invite all your already invited friends again and again but only to those who have not liked your page yet. These simple 3 steps are a sure shot technique to ask every single person to like your page and till they like your page.

  • 1. Invite all your friends to like your page. For example “Webilluzon”. Move to step two when you see the flow of likes is neutral and you are unable to invite more people.
  • 2. Create a new page like “webil Luzon, Web Illuzon, We Billuzon, etc” as you may not be allowed to create a page with same name “webilluzon” as you are already admin to a page with the same name.
  • 3. Go to the new page and invite your friends again. After the flow of likes has paused again to the new page you can simply merge it to the older page where all the likes and visits add up to the old page. You can request merge here: .

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