7 Proven ways to cure all types of cancer

7 Proven ways to cure all types of cancer

7 Proven ways to cure all types of cancer

According to Dr. Leonard Coldwell all types of cancer can be cured. It would be cured maximum in 2 to 16 weeks. Some can be cured in minutes by accessing it. See his full interview for the solutions. Here are 7 proven ways to cure all types of cancers. These are cases which have really resulted with complete cure.


  1. Standford university school of medicine researchers has made a cancer vaccine that eliminated all cancer in a mice. They are going for the experiment on clinical patients. They injected small amount of immune stimulation agent and it worked. Complete tumour in body was eliminated.
  2. Another way is having 5 food ways to cure cancer. The Blueberry and Raspberry effects as cancer preventives for the phytochemicals in them that prevents from cancer. Green Tea contains 3 times the quantity of catechins which completely prohibits cancer development in colon, liver, breast and prostate cells. The Tomato reduces chances of prostate cancer by 50%. They inhibits angiogenesis and contains high amount of lycopene with strong anti angiogenic properties. Dark Chocolate is incredibly healthy to eat as good for heart conditions and fighting cancer conditions. Turmeric has got n numbers of medicinal values. It kills cancer cells and have best effects in breast, bowel, stomach and skin cancer.
  3. A women who is children book author Ann Cameron has claimed to cure her stage 4 cancer with only ingredient. 2012 she was diagnosed with colon cancer. On Chris Beat cancer blog an individual gave her an alternative remedy for curing cancer by consuming 2.5 kg of carrots juice daily. She did the same and after 8 weeks she was tested that cancer has stopped spreading and lymph gland decreased. After 8 months it was gone.
  4. This video claims cancer is nothing but just a deficiency of Vitamin B17. It claims the treatment was established long ago but the colonised world established a cancer industry. You can simply cure by eating 15-20 apricot stone, fruit stone of peach, pear, prune, or dried plum, wheat buds/sprouts, fruit stone of apple, common beans, grains with beans, lentil sprouts, lima beans, pea, kernels of bitter almond, Indian almond, all types of mulberries, seeds like sesame, linseed, gorats of oats, barley, brown rice, groats of block wheat, linseed millets, rye, brewer’s yeast and pumpkin. All this cures only because they are rich in Vitamin B17. Mexico is already making medicine out of it and smuggling to USA.
  5. 98% of the cancer cells are eliminated by this plant in just 16 hours called Artemissia Annua, a Chinese medicine.
  6. Baking soda is stated to treat stage 4 cancer in Vernon johnston case. He simply increased ph value of his body to stop cancer from spreading by taking cesium chloride option that is baking soda. Surprisingly he won the cancer battle completely.
  7. Russian scientist home made remedy says 4 tablespoon of this ingredient to cure cancer completely by cleansing the blood vessels, heart vessels, kidney tubes and increases memory. The ingredient consists of 15 lemon, 12 garlic cloves, natural honey, sprouted grains and fresh wallnuts.



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