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6 religious incidents that proves god is real

6 religious incidents that proves god is real


  1. Buddha Boy
    Ram Bahadur Bamjan is meditating since 15 years without food or water in the jungles of Nepal. Discovery channel did research on him and observed for straight 96 hours. He showed no dehydration or consumed anything. He is called incarnation of Buddha to which he completely denied. He is supposed to gone into a hibernation and living with spiritual powers. He is using tammo meditation technique to generate heat from his body. Even he caused a fire breakout from his body.
  2. Dead bodies that don’t decay
    Saints dead bodies from Christian Churches are seen to not decompose since long. St Baptise Marie Vanie in paris died at 1859, Barnadette of Lourdes France died in 1879, St Vincent De Paul died in 1660, St Teresa Margaret died at 1770, St Silvan is 1600 years old, St Zeta died 1272, St John Bosco died 1888, Blessed Pope Pius IX died 1878, Pope John XXIII died 1963 and Padre Pio died 1968; but none of these saints bodies have decayed till date without any type of scientific preservation. There are many more to these names.
  3. Flying Stone
    Kamarali Darvesh Dargha, Shivapur at Pune helds a mysterious activity. Here 11 men lifts a 90kg stone only with their index fingers.
  4. Man Floats in Air
    Buddhist monk levitates and floats in air. A magical approaches Buddhist monk in Nepal to show his skill. He chants his mantra and floats in the air.
  5. Chinese healing man
    A Chinese man with huge Chi Meditation power burns paper live on camera without any inflammable materials. Heals people injuries, kids and others with touch on the body. Body feels the sensation and relief. He is able to move materials from its places with his chi power. He lights bulbs from his body with chi power. Researchers feels shocks from his body of good frequency.


  1. Third eye diagnose
    This girl 9 year old Maa yogamata is said to do right diagnosis of the body without touching or even seeing. It is considered as third eye scanning of the body. She got the mystical power at her gurukul from her guru through meditation. Till date she has diagonised lakhs of patients and helped them cure. She reads, arranges colours, object shapes, writes, draws, rides bicycle and many more with a full blind fold. She says anybody can learn those powers. She is also unable to do same with bad moods, she needs to be calm, composed and confident to do so.
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