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  • 1. Post during the peak hours
  • Find out that when your audience indulging to your page is the most as per your insights. It is quite well known that Facebook don’t allow your posts to reach out people without subscription for page notification. Well of course your valuable post would be seen to most of the people who are not online during the time of post being posted. Always choose the peak hours to post.

  • 2. Post about Trending topics
  • This is probably the most important of all tips as this is a proven strategy for making your posts reach out the most. Facebook simply boost to the post hash tagged with the trending topics. It’s best to rip the topic with some humor, good video, picture etc to make your audience interested towards it.

  • 3. Invite in fragments
  • Never invite all your friends together to like the page. You will end up sending invitations that will never reach the people. Facebook prohibits mass process carried over organic promotions. Do it in fragments.

  • 4. Invite guest likers
  • Some posts turns out really good and matter of big interest for the people. It reach out many people and they like it. Its best time to invite them all to like your page.

  • 5. Keep Interacting
  • Always keep replying and interacting to those who comment on your page posts. A reply from an esteem page admin really make feel merry. Even a simple thanks for the like and reply to the messages is presentable. Ultimately that makes you visitor return to the page again and reach out organically to the person’s circle involved in the activity.

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