5 Shocking hindu Gods caught on Camera

Hindi Gods caught on Camera

There has been no traces of human validating the existence of god physically ever. Still there have been mysterious instances when logical answers doesn’t makes any sense. The superficial occurrence are stated to the power of almighty.

  1. Eyes of the deity kali is seen to be moving as the video camera revolves around the idol.

2. Goddesses replica are visible at the hawan fire.

3. Shirdi Sai baba seems to be visible in the video many instances.

4. Lord Shiva is assumes to appearing in many places is shapes of clouds and others.

5. Lord Hanuman is still alive with those evidences.

However the videos could be morphed and fake created for more views. Still the question of gods existence is mysterious and unsolved. The experiences of many people around the world gives a huge validation to this question.


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