3 Ways for 100% guaranteed and proven instant Gastric Relief

The world 80% population faces stomach problems. Most of them are from urban region for unhygienic water. It is said if stomach is good then all your body parts are good forever. Here are 3 Ways for 100% guaranteed and proven instant Gastric Relief without spending a single penny. Constipation creates gas and gas causes indigestion. Further from gas you get lots of diseases invited to your body.

  1. Neurotherapy on stomach:

Rubbing to the constipation affecting region will release gas. Further you will have good mood to work, breathe easily, feel light body and enjoy normal life. Apply some powder, rub on the region of gas that is just above the Navel and area of constipation just left of it like running a saw. A person having gas trouble will have immense pain on rubbing. Mind to keep normal breathe and not to be harsh on the skin. Rub round and round in rotation only above the belly upto the ribs closely for constipation relief. From next day you will feel lot of relief and have clean stomach in toilet. Just take an easy deep breathe for relaxation at last.  This is good and easy Instant Gastric Relief.

  1. Neurotherapy on Back:

To test gas simply press the region above the Navel and you should feel irresistible pain on pressing lightly. It feels like hitting a hammer. To fix it you need activate exactly the region behind it. Lay on back and press the place exactly behind the pain point on stomach. It will give immense pain on touching. Activate the region by rubbing hands on it like a saw cutting a log lightly. Make a cross and rub again diagonally. Do rubbing only 20-50 times for Instant Gastric Relief. Take support of some structure and use foot to rub on the same regions of stomach downwards. Do not give huge pressure on having intense trouble. Things can be different so prefer taking medical help and diagnose things before doing this.  You can also do the same with the hands. Acidity also causes vomiting and fainting. This cures it up. Pressing between the toe and other fingers also pains on having excessive stomach troubles. Anyone can use this ancient Indian treatment to any person in the world as this it have absolutely no side effects. Rub on the toes after putting some talcum powder. Rub towards from foot to the toes and hold upto 6 seconds each time. This treatment can be given to people of all ages according to the pressures the patient is able to take. You can also do this at close intervals in a single day. Give light pressure to the toes from your toes and hold upto 6 seconds. Just press now to the patient and he or she will feel easy.

  1. Accupressure points relief:

Everybody loves foods like pizza, burger and cold drink but the consequences are sometimes hard to takes. Stomach troubles are one of the biggest enemy since ages to the man kind. Tickle the point under the legs and get instant relief. Activate by pressing for 2 minutes. You can also apply for clock wise and anti-clockwise. Apply 3 times a day for a week and you will get long term relief from gastric and stomach troubles.

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