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20 best Life hacks for Indian lifestyle

20 best Life hacks for Indian lifestyle

  1. Mix water and shampoo and release lighter gas to it and show magical fire magic on your bare hands.
  2. Use a motor, Tooth brush head, dry cells to make your automated toy car.
  3. Use balloon, baking soda, vinegar to make gas balloons.

  1. Vaseline as best shoe polish.
  2. Toothpick and Vaseline for candles.
  3. Cold drink can as fruit peeling instrument.
  4. Match stick, nail polish turns anti wetting match stick.
  5. Belt can be secret match stick burner.
  6. Clothes hanger with drill can be your food mixer.
  7. Fix zips with old keys.
  8. Quick charging technique.
  9. Use magnets to have phone holder at your 2 wheelers.
  10. 5 amazing hacks to be done with toothpaste at your home.


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