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12 evidences why aliens are real

12 evidences why aliens are real

  1. UFO were sighted at Egypt on 2018 around the month of September. Flying disc shaped spaceship can be seen in the video.


  1. Egypt pyramids passes exactly at the equator and points straight to the northern hemisphere. The coordinates of the exact location is same as the speed of light in space. These buildings are made under super powers proven by scientists. They also replicate the alignment of stars on ground.
  2.  Turkishg UFO videos from 2007-10 taken by national security personal in which alien like creatures are visible flying the spacecraft’s.
  3. Skinny bob video was also proven authentic by video experts from across the world. The video dates when graphical expertise didn’t excelled so well to make such videos.
  4. Lockheed Martin a senior scientist confessions on the death bed who worked mostly of his life at AREA 51, a confidential place suspiciously working on aliens and life on other planets made a lot of revelations.
  5. Bushman, another scientist from AREA 51 confirmed that US govt is working on aliens, anti-gravity, time travel and many more superficial agendas secretly. He also uploaded the video of an alien.
  6. Mars Curiosity Rover also spotted space crafts at march 2017.
  7. Hilary Clinton says ET files composed of confidential information’s about aliens.
  8. The 1989 Belgium UFO wave video footages by locals, police officers and govt officials. It continued to be visible till march 30th when Belgium air force caught it on radar. The airforce followed them and tapped on radar but everytime they would disappear with a speed exceeding from approx. 250 km/h to 2000 km/h or even higher beyond human limits.
  9. 1950 McMinville UFO videos taken by a farmer and his wife became a national sensation then. It is supposed to be the first photographs of a UFO or an aliens spacecraft.
  10. The phoenix light 1997 shows unexplained flying objects at mexico and other cities. 2009 again UFO videos were seen.
  11. The real men in black from the future with telepathic communications and hypnotizing powers.
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