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10 Love Stories that proves true love exists

10 Love Stories that proves true love exists

  1. Man Cycles 5000km to meet true love
    P K Mahanandia from Odisha, India cycled bike from New Delhi to Sweden to meet her dream girl.


This woman is helping her paralyzed husband stand!

Posted by VT on Saturday, August 19, 2017

  1. Paralyzed husband walks
    Jon Grant paralyzed in car accident having traumatic brain injury made to walk again by the love of her wife Laura.


  1. Women carries disabled husband on back
    Vimala carrying disabled husband on back to walk into Chief Minister Officer to just get the disability certificate in Uttar Pradesh in India.
  1. Man walks with wife’s dead body for 7 miles
    Dana Manjhi carries dead wife on Shoulder for 7 miles as denied for ambulance from the hospital.

Source: Independent

  1. Sleep with dead wife
    Russell Davison’s from UK sleeps for 6 days with dead wife who passed away with cervical cancer.

Source: Oddee

  1. 20 years at wife grave
    Rocky Abalsamo’s sat at her wife Julia’s grave for 20 years till he passed away.

Source: Oddee

  1. Preserved dead wife
    Le Van from Vietnam slept with the gypsum covered dead body of her wife for 5 years.


  1. Feed paralyzed husband from mouth
    Chinese Woman feeds paralyzed husband from mouth.

  1. 78 year wife carried husband
    78 year old Zhoa Zhenlan, carries paralyzed husband on cart to enjoy the spring.


  1. Love during world war 2
    Burma Girl left her country to marry Pakistani love found in an army man during world war 2.

    True love never earned an appropriate definition. Most of the true loves are washed away with tears and sorrows. They are never heard or appreciated. These are mere rare instances that may inspire you to live life without regret and huge enthusiasm.

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